Cape Town Hotel Accommodation

Posted by Stan on Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

Cape Town is situated in South Africa, one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world, and is one city that everyone should visit at some point in their lives. Situated on the tip of Africa, Cape Town offers both breath-taking views and bustling social city vibes and there are many outstanding Cape Town hotels situated in the city centre as well as just outside the CBD.

In the city centre you can find well known Cape Town hotels such as the Southern Sun Cullinan Hotel, which is walking distance from the V&A Waterfront, the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) as well many great shopping areas, such as Adderley Street and Green Market Square. Just opposite you will find the luxurious Westin Grand Hotel, which is directly opposite the CTICC, has 483 rooms and a Conference Centre with all the latest in communications technology.

Further in the city centre you will get the exquisite Mount Nelson Hotel, which is famous for its high tea, which includes delicious sweet and savoury selections as well as a wide range of teas – this experience is not to be missed. The Mount Nelson has also initiated many community and eco-projects such as their Hotels Housing Initiatives, Onsite Eco-Initiatives and Charitable Initiatives.

The One and Only Hotel, situated at the entrance to the V&A Waterfront offers a variety of wonderful activities ranging from golf, wine tasting and swimming to shopping at the speciality boutique, NEO, scuba diving and yoga. The One and Only is owned by South African businessman, Sol Kerzner, and is one of the most extravagant hotels in Cape Town.

Cape Town hotels are definitely in the same league as many of the top hotels around the world. Together with Cape Town’s vibrant, colourful, fun and beautiful atmosphere, Cape Town is without a doubt a destination worthy of a visit.


Summer is around the Corner

Posted by hendri on Thursday, September 16th, 2010

Spring is in the air, and that means Summer is around the corner. Whilst the flowers starts to bloom and their sweet smell fill the air, the temperature also picks up and the beaches become more accessible. There is a sense of holiday in the air and everyone is in an relaxing mood, taking a well deserved break after the the long year.

The 2010 FIFA World Cup squashed misconceptions and cemented South Africa’s reputation as one of the most beautiful destinations on earth. The floodgates have been opened and South Africa is becoming more accessible to overseas visitors. World class facilities in the main cities, will make Europeans and Americans forget that they’re in Africa.

Endless stretches of sand and sea, a world famous mountain and wines to rival the best France has to offer are just some of the things the Western Cape offers visitors. Further beyond is the Karoo with all it magical charm, and the Namaqualand flowers is all its colourful splendour.

The Garden Route is one of the most beautiful parts of the world. Known for the scenic routes and wonderful climate, it’s also the gateway to one of South Africa’s best kept secrets, the Transkei. The birthplace of Nelson Mandela, the Tranksei is magical with it’s rolling hills and river streams, it’s make you realise what life is really about.

Further along the coast lies the Kingdom of the Zulu. Interesting and  mesmerising, the Zulu people will give you an authentic African experience. From their traditional huts to the famous Reed Dance, the Zulu’s are amongst the most intriguing of all African cultures.

Heading inland, and you’ll find Johannesburg. A booming city, often described as Africa’s economic powerhouse, Jozi as it’s affectionately known, is a city of contrasts and opportunity. Sitting on the biggest gold mines in the world, Johannesburg is a city unlike any other. A melting pot of cultures, Jozi will awe and amaze.

Undoubtedly one of South Africa’s biggest drawing cards for visitors, both local and international, the Kruger National Park is a wildlife mecca, with sights and sound that’s so uniquely African, you’ll create memories to last you a lifetime.

South Africa is a destination that is for the adventurous and brave, and a genuine thrill for visitors from abroad. The activities are endless and the cultures are evidence of the different peoples that inhabit this part of the world. Visit in summer and see why it’s referred to as sunny South Africa.

Venues4Africa has a comprehensive list of accommodations in South Africa, events and travel advice.


Cape Accommodation

Posted by hendri on Monday, June 28th, 2010

Cape Accommodation, is a newly launched website, that promotes tourism and also offers lodging in the capital of the Western Cape, Cape Town. The jewel in the crown that is tourism in South Africa, Cape Town is a cosmopolitan city that has world class facilities.

Known as the “the Fairest Cape in all the circumference of the earth”, there is more than enough to see and do, and your itinerary should be planned carefully, to avoid disappointment. Table Mountain, the V&A Waterfront, The Cape of Good Hope, The Castle, the Company’s Gardens and Greenmarket Square to name just a few.

The Great thing about Cape Town is the Number of amazing scenic attractions therwe is all within a day’s drive. The concentration of worthwhile tourist attractions is what value for money is all about. Cape Accommodation has a comprehensive guide of restaurants, events and thi9ngs to do, along with endless accommodating options.

The staff are well informed and has years of experience to help you create your ideal holiday, in an area that best suit your needs and budget. Make sure to use Cape Accommodation for that well deserved break you’ve been planning for a while.



Autumn in the Western Cape

Posted by hendri on Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

It’s April, and the leaves have started to fall of the trees again, turning the green into shades of yellow, orange and brown. Towns in the Westyern Cape, and especially Stellenbosch, with all it’s old Oak trees changes dramatically and you can smell in the air that the seasons are changing.

While some prefer the Summer months and the fun a day at the beach offers, there are those who like the gloomy. Nowhere in South Africa is the winter months so dramatic as it is in the Cape Peninsula and Winelands. The constant rain does bring it’s problems but there is something inspiring about the weather condition, even if the inspiration only goes as far as a DVD and Pizza.

The Western Cape has long been praised for it’s natuarl beauty and cultural treasures. The winter months brings an alternative look to the region, that’s worthy of a thousand words. Whilst winter isn’t quite here yet, the outdoors can still be enjoyed during Autumn.

The temperate days and chilly nights, with fairly sunny days is the perfect time to explore the region, because the African sun is past it’s schorching peak. Day excrusions to the Cape of Good Hope, Winelands, Hout Bay and Kalk Bay are wonderful ideas.

It was in the momth of April almost four centuries ago that Jan van Riebeeck first set foot on what is modern day Cape Town. The month of May brings with it rain and clouds, and you should pop in for one last time before the night indoors with a pizza and DVD will become the standard procedure for your winter months.



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Mozambique, in the Eastern part of Southern Africa, is a wonderful wilderness on the African continent, offering some of the best diving in the world. The influence of Portuguese colonialism is still evident and adds an interesting vibe to the African landscape.  Mozambique is known for it’s long stretches of white beaches, azure blue waters, delicious seafood and true African hospitality. (more…)